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Orange County Real Estate Agent


Welcome to the coastal life

Natural beauty,
exceptional lifestyle.

With 278 sunny days per year and temperatures ranging from a Jan low of 44.7 degrees to a July high of 81.5 degrees, there has never been a better time to live the dream in Orange County.


Boasting 42 miles of coastline, the OC is one of the most picturesque regions in the US. From gorgeous oceanfront towns with breathtaking views to fine dining, wellness retreats, art galleries, elegant shopping and world class golf courses, there is much to love about your new life in the OC. 


Located an hour away from Los Angeles and San Diego, the OC offers seaside serenity, big city life, or a mountain escape all in one day.

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Meet Shannon Fascitelli

A resident of Pacifica San Juan, Shannon Fascitelli moved to Orange County from the Pacific Northwest in early 2018. As a career real estate agent with specialized relocation experience, Shannon recognized the incredible lifestyle opportunity that the California coast has to offer. She and her husband have never looked back.

Discover Extraordinary Homes

Southern California boasts some of the world's most exceptional homes.

Start your home search today.

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Living in Orange County

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