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Laguna Beach's Culinary Delights

There’s an old saying that goes a little bit like this: the way into one’s heart is through their stomach. Well, in Laguna Beach that can be the case for foodies of all kinds. Yes, of course, the main lure to this area is the shoreline. Which is completely understandable! The ocean comes in dozens of shades of blue and green; long walks on the beach fill the lungs with crisp Pacific air and the mellow vibes emanating from such a relaxing atmosphere is exactly what people from the world overcome to experience. However, we all have to eat, right? And Laguna does eating right!

It may surprise visitors that despite Laguna Beach’s relatively small size – it’s got just 23,000 people living there – an amazing array of eateries are laid out to take a taste of. Naturally, there are plenty of beach town joints to be found. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t fine dining options to be had for those who like to dress to the nines and step out on the town. And those who prefer to do their own cooking have access to plentiful high- quality ingredients.

Ready to take a bite out of Laguna? Let’s follow our noses to some of the epicurean delights the city has to offer.

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