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The 6 Top Interior Design Trends for 2021

One of the key design trends identified by is something that is not new to residents of the OC - blending the outdoors and the indoors.

“Clients continue to request spaces designed in a way that brings the outdoors in and often don’t want there to be a distinction between exterior and interior,” said Eilyn Jimenez, founder and creative director of Sire Design in Miami. “In my own home, for example, we are using bifold sliders that bring the outside indoors for a seamless transition.”

Biophilic design, a way of connecting the interior of a home to nature, is a necessity rather than just a trend.

“People will incorporate more glass into the interiors of their home and use sliding doors rather than solid walls to give the feeling of the outside coming in. This will also give people more access to natural light, which is something we have come to appreciate more after lockdown,” she said.

“In good design there’s a harmonious dialogue between the exterior environment and the interior space,” said Jeffrey Beers of Jeffrey Beers International in New York. “It’s about taking inspiration from the architecture and surrounding environment and paying close attention to layout: how each space flows into the next while also ensuring the space adheres to its purpose,” he said. Mr. Beers recommends carefully chosen key materials that are timeless and durable.

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