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Why People Move to Southern California

I specialize in real estate relocation and meet so many people on a daily basis looking to make the move to Southern California! I moved to Orange County a few years ago after spending the majority of my life in Seattle. From rain to shine, I immediately knew that I made the right choice.

Here are some of my clients' and my own personal reasons for moving to California and never looking back. I hope this helps!

#1. Never-ending Sunshine

Not to start off too obvious, but the California weather had to be mentioned. It is even better than I imagined before moving here from Seattle. Looking back, I don't know how I never thought of moving to California sooner.

#2. Outdoor Lifestyle

Southern California entertains a very active and fun lifestyle. Thanks to the amazing weather, outdoor hobbies are enjoyed to the fullest. Whether it be hiking, running, surfing, tennis, or golf all of these activities can be enjoyed year-round allowing for a healthier livelihood.

#3. Food

If you've visited California or live in California, you are well aware of the diverse and amazing dining options California has to offer. LA is known as one of the best food cities in the United States with many Micheline-Star restaurants. What is also great about Southern California dining is the option to dine al-fresco almost any night of the year!

#4. Economic Opportunity

California has the largest economy in the country, and the fifth largest in the world! Many people move to California for their job but it is also a great place to start from scratch since California's economy is versatile. If you work in tech or film, this is the place to be!

#5. Highly Rated College Education

The California State University System is the largest public university system in the entire country. Living in California means in-state tuition prices for a selection of highly rated public and private colleges and universities. Some examples are The University of California in Berkeley, The University of California in Los Angeles, and Stanford University.

#6. Relaxed Vibe

Due to the fantastic climate, nature, and nice people, Californians have a great work-life balance.

Come visit and see for yourself!

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